Darma NAS OS
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  Darma NAS OS: Part of the Family of Darma Storage Management Products

News: January 19th, 2007: Download link reactivated
We have reactivated the download section for anyone who needs to reinstall version 3 software. We also added the popular version 4 beta. Enjoy, but please remember there is no support and developement has been discontinued. Thanks again to everyone who supported the Darma NAS OS project. Have a Happy New Year.

News: April 5th, 2006: Darma NAS Development Discontinued
We want to thank everyone for their interest in the Darma NAS OS. Unfortunately, we have suspended development of this project. At this time we do not have plans to continue development but we would like to hear from developers and investors who may be intersted in reviving this project.

   Small Business Edition: Features at a Glance

  • SSL encrypted client-server
  • Java Graphical User Interface
  • Small footprint under 64MB
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 5 + hotspare
  • SGI-XFS journaling filesystem
  • Logical Volume Manager
  • Dynamic filesystem expansion

  • Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • IDE, SATA, SCSI Disk Support
  • Active Directory (ADS) integration
  • MS SMB-CIFS, Unix NFS, Apple OSx
  • Local & domain user & group quotas
  • Multi-byte / UNICODE character sets


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  Darma Storage Technology

Open standards architecture: Change the way you look at storage management

The Darma NAS OS is our bundle of software distributed with the GNU/Linux kernel and many other best-of-breed open source programs. Our software provides a secure graphical environment that integrates and simplifies these complex components.